The Family Table

Educating Families About the Benefits of Family Meals

Tip of the Week: Find What Works for Your Family

There’s a wide range of what works for families to make family meals a regular part of their weekly schedule. There are families that insist on the importance of gathering together every night. They believe that touching base daily is critical, especially after busy days.

Other folks choose a couple of nights per week as treasured; for instance, no one makes plans Wednesday and Friday evenings. And on the other nights, whichever parent is home has special alone time with the children that aren’t out. It seems to balance out well.

Still other families accept the chaos of everyone’s schedules during the week, but keep one night a week, such as Sunday nights, as a sacred ritual. They pull out their very best china and the kids drink juice from wine glasses. They light candles and bring the spirit of love into their home and hearts as they welcome the new week. Everyone feels like a “special guest” at the table. And everyone looks forward to this weekly loving connection.

No matter how crazy and busy your lives are, find a mealtime ritual that works for your family!

(The information above was taken from a great article on how to get your family together for family meals – read the full article here.)


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