The Family Table

Educating Families About the Benefits of Family Meals

Tip of the Week: Pleasing the Picky Eaters

We’ve recently discussed new meal ideas at the table. And, we’ve heard that there are picky eaters out there who like nothing but chicken fingers and mac-n-cheese. As your family tries new meals, maybe implement something like a thumbs up-thumbs down approach, such as Nutrition Minute shares, to see if your new food adventure returns for round two. If everyone liked it, add it to your rotation.

If everyone didn’t, maybe it’s time to turn the tables and get the Kids Cooking! See below for our new event for teens to try their hand at cooking for your family.

And, from Babble’s Kids Cooking you’ll find nutritious and fun-to-eat treats that kids can cook themselves, like the heart-shaped muffins above. After all, it’s good for kids to know how to do more than burn popcorn (or maybe that’s just at my house? hmmm…)

– Frances, Mktg & Comm and Mom of 2


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