The Family Table

Educating Families About the Benefits of Family Meals

Tip of the Week: 10 Reasons You Should Eat Together as a Family

  1. Families who eat together develop strong parent-child bonds. Children are likely to talk and share things with their parents during the meal.
  2. Teens who regularly have meals together with their family are less likely to get into fights or be promiscuous.
  3. Teens who regularly eat together as a family are less likely to take drugs, drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco.
  4. Children with families that eat together do better academically.
  5. Families that eat together generally eat more nutritious foods, and children are less likely to be overweight.
  6. Children that are involved by setting the table and clearing the dishes learn important skills.
  7. Eating dinner together teaches kids manners. This starts with saying please and thank you, and sitting still – which is still a struggle for my daughters at 8 and 10.
  8. Kids associate having family meals together as having a more stable home environment. Thanks Mom & Dad, I totally agree 🙂
  9. Having family meals together can save money.
  10. They grow up so fast, it’s time to make memories…

Adapted from Amy & Natalie at Super Healthy Kids blog. Source for statistics: and

– Frances, Mktg & Comm, wife & mom of 2


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