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Tip of the Week: Kids Cooking Event

13 – the number of kids that participated in the first Kids Cooking event that the McMillen Center delivered at Pine Valley Country Club.13 – the average age of those attending. Some think it’s an unlucky number, for the Family Table project, we’re pretty excited to see where we’re headed… more families sitting down together for a family meal!20 – the number of weeks we’ve been delivering these Tips to you and your friends. 20 is also the number of minutes that a recipe for the Healthy Kids Recipe Contest should take to prepare. Want more information? Follow this link to submit your recipe to the YMCA.22 – April 22, to be exact. Some of the winning recipes will be prepared by a professional chef at the YMCA Healthy Kids Day. We hope to see you and your family there!
Share your favorite recipes!Friend Family Table Online on Facebook and share links to your blog, or post pictures of your family’s favorite meal.
Enter our Contest:You can win a $100 gift certificate to Waiter on the Way. Enter by taking the Family Table survey. What could be better than delicious meals delivered right to your door?13 students participated in the Family Table’s Kids Cooking event at Pine Valley Country Club. Here they are pictured with Chef Aaron Rothgeb. For more photos, visit our Facebook album.

One student prepares a Club Skewer and Strawberry & Mandarin Salad. This light meal represents all of the My Plate food recommendations and was quick and easy to prepare.


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