The Family Table

Educating Families About the Benefits of Family Meals

Tip of the Week: Conversation Starters

I’ve wrangled them in from the beautiful and warm out-of-doors. The food is sitting, ready to eat on the table, and today, it’s even a balanced meal – half a plate of veggies and fruit! And once everyone is seated: Ready, Set, GO!

Do you ever get the idea, with all the other distractions going on in our lives, that eating is a race, of sorts? And, the end-zone, a clean plate?

At the McMillen Center, we see the Family Table project as more than just the food on your plate. This week we’re re-introducing some conversation starters. When I first heard this, I figured it meant strong messages, like “don’t smoke,” “be safe around your less-friendly peers,” and other such cautions.

Actually, we’re talking about those interesting questions that you can sit and ponder – as well as develop insight about your family and friends. Like: If you were an alien from outer space, where would you be from? What would you look like? What color would your hair be – do you even have hair, or a tail, or freckles?

We’re adding to our list of conversation starters and posting a couple sheets of them for you to print them out and have at your table. And, if any of these spawn great answers, please share them with us on Facebook, so we can all learn from your wisdom! And then, we’ll be off to the races once more…

– Frances, Mktg & Comm, working wife & mom of 2


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