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Educating Families About the Benefits of Family Meals

Tip of the Week: Leftovers Improve with Dessert

The family table has always been a priority at our house, but finding time to prepare the meal is a challenge, especially when you have carpool to Scouts, band, dance class, or (fill in the blank.) So I prepare a large amount when I can, counting on the leftovers to get me by on a busy night. My children aren’t picky eaters, but they do get bored with the same recipes, and especially with leftovers.

My solution is to make a really cool dessert. I think they eat the meal without paying much attention to it in anticipation of the dessert. I made a large pot roast last week and knew it would serve a couple meals. I printed the strawberry mousse recipe found on a link in last week’s Family Table Tip of the Week. It is so easy that older grade school kids could prepare it on their own, and best of all, it tasted great! Light and refreshing after the heavier pot roast.

Do you have any tips for making leftovers a more appealing dinner for your Family Table?

– Laura, Sr. Director of Finance & Operations, wife and mom of 4

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