The Family Table

Educating Families About the Benefits of Family Meals

Tip of the Week: Disrupted Scheduling

Thursdays are usually my family night because my kids are not in any activities that evening. We usually plan to sit down and eat together, and then, once the kitchen is cleaned up, we will play games at the table. No TV that night.

You may have heard that the McMillen Center’s big event – the Vitality Awards – is this Thursday. We couldn’t be more excited to honor the work of some of our local volunteers and professionals who make life more vibrant in Fort Wayne. So, my family decided that for this week family time will be breakfast on Saturday morning! The kids think that after breakfast we’ll spend the day playing games – unfortunately, that can’t be the case all day, as there are still those pesky Saturday chores to do. But for at least an hour, we’re planning to sit down and hang out.

Next week, our family meal on Thursday night will again be interrupted. But in this case, we’d like to invite you to join us at the Fort Wayne Texas Roadhouse, 710 W Washington Center Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825! Come by and eat, and in addition to seeing my family, help support the Family Table project. Next Thursday, May 24 – bring the ones you love to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse and 10% of your bill is donated to the McMillen Center. And, feel free to invite friends and family, or to forward this email. We hope to see you there!

– Frances, Mktg & Comm, wife and mom of 2


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