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Tip of the Week: Farmer’s Markets

With so little water, our gardens at home are struggling. Be it flower, or vegetable, they certainly are requiring the attention we would not normally give them until August. So, while I wait for the heat of summer to ripen my tiny tomatoes, I’ve seen some great offerings at the local farmer’s market…onions, lettuces, even a tomato or two. I would describe myself as a seeker – I’m always on the lookout for a great deal.

One local CSA (community supported agriculture) makes their small box available each week for just $15. And it’s delivered close to home! Now, looking at some of those odd looking lettuces, or the bok choy my friend had in her box this week, will make any child turn up their nose faster than they would at a tomato worm halfway through their feast! But, when my girls pick out their own fresh foods, they seem more likely to try them.

While nothing beats picking a ripe cucumber right off the vine, picking your very own out of the bushel basket at the local market comes in a close second. And raw green beans, just freshly washed? Those are great too! Help your family appreciate these true Indiana experiences by finding out their favorites at your local market or shop.
Interested in learning about eating local and sustainable farming?

Make plans to attend the McMillen Health Lecture Series: Finding Food in Farm Country on July 17th to see how you can make a difference in our economy and your family’s health.

We have a couple garden plots open in Our Edible Garden community garden here at the McMillen Center. If you are interested in trying your hand – give us a call!

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