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Tip of the Week: Stay Hydrated

Mint (above), basil and lavender are all great additions to spice up your water.  Photo Courtesy of Culinary Concepts

In this heat, it’s been a bit harder to send the kids out to play, so we’ve been seeking alternative activities to do as a family. This week, that included a short road trip to hit the garage sales at the Lake. I don’t know about your family traditions, but I was raised to be a ‘bargain seeker.’ (Invariably this follows me to the grocery store as well, where my ‘stock-up-and-save’ gene kicks in all too well, but I digress!)

I am excited to teach my daughters this skill and this week’s trip included my mom, sister and a girlfriend and her kids – a four generation trip! Our challenge – the temperature outside. It’s been hard for all of us in the Midwest this summer. 20+ days of 90°F or higher!

We filled water bottles and took them with us. And, the kids had their bottles empty before we even were half-way there! The best way to stay hydrated is with pure water. Refill. Refill. Refill – it’s essential in this heat. If your kids aren’t great fans of plain water, consider flavoring it with fruit slices, herbs or veggies. Mint, pictured above, is a Southern favorite.

We arrived at one destination and they remembered us from another year when we shopped with them – we shared fond memories as we chatted about the new ‘generation’ shopping. Following all of this fun, a meal, of course! As we sat around eating our family lunch and celebrating our finds, it occurred to me that I treasure those memories with my grandmothers and aunts, most of whom are no longer with us to celebrate the bargains – but the significance of us eating together and doing those activities has started another generation of memories!

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