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Tip of the Week: Multitasking

Lately, I have fallen off the “Fitness Wagon” because I am too tired or busy to the gym. Sound familiar? I noticed that I am more tired now than when I was working out regularly, so I decided I need to get back in gear and make gym time a priority on my list of things to do. Making it a habit takes a plan, so to make this task easier, I am going to combine my workout with something I need to do—make dinner and something I want to do—read a book.

This week, I think I will throw dinner in the crockpot, put on my gym shoes, and head to my local gym with a book in hand. I used to read school books on the elliptical or bicycle, but now I can read a favorite novel (graduating from college has so many perks!).

Try these other tips to help you multitask:

Time-saving tips for busy moms – this one suggests keeping a notepad by your phone – a co-worker and I often talk about keeping one next to your bed, so when you have a thought in the middle of the night, you can jot it down, and then hopefully go back to sleep!

No time for exercise and you don’t want to miss that favorite primetime program? Sparkpeople has a message board with a bunch of ideas for multitasking to include exercising while doing other things.

Time-saving foods to keep in your kitchen – while not all of these are the healthiest option (think fresh and local) – eating at home around your kitchen table makes getting laundry folded and put away a faster option – then maybe you’ll find time for that quick family game before everyone heads off to bed.

Do you have a Timesaving Tip or Trick? We would love to hear about it!


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