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Educating Families About the Benefits of Family Meals

Tip of the Week: Happy 1st Birthday!

This Week’s Featured Recipe

Wow, has it really been a year since we started the Family Table initiative? The time has flown.

We are excited to begin our 2nd year – which we hope won’t turn into the Terrible Two’s, as they are sometimes called. Our year is focused on nutrition, which our readers report is their area of strongest interest. To that end, you’ll see a featured recipe at the top of each email – these are great sites that offer time savings, nutritious options, or (occasionally) a festive treat we couldn’t resist! If you are on Pinterest, we’ll also be pinning them there to give you a visual reference as well.

Molly, in our 2012 survey, shared:
“As a teacher, I encourage family meals in my students’ families because I know that it is an important time, not only to eat good meals, but also to connect as a family.”

As we kick off year two – Together, We Eat Better – will you consider helping to fund this important, family-focused project? We are fortunate to be partnering with 37 area organizations to deliver the message about the importance of eating together – we’d like to consider you a partner as well – your gift of any size will help us to reach our goal of educating northeastern Indiana about this life-changing habit.

I’d like to make a donation.

Bethany Clapper, Director of Development, mom of 1

As McMillen’s new Director of Development, I am pleased to tell you that I think the Family Table initiative is so important because in my family we juggle two working parents, pre-school, sports and more every week.

One of the things that we look forward to most, at the end of the day, is seeing each other and sitting around the dining room table. As we share a meal together, we discuss our day. The conversation includes: if we had a good day, what was the favorite part of our day, and what did each of us have for lunch? It is the perfect way to conclude the day and get back in touch with each other. If you’re also interested in this project, the Center is always looking for corporate and individuals to sponsor such great programs like the Family Table.

Contact Bethany to discuss other giving options.

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