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Tip of the Week: Fall Yardwork

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It’s fall – if you weren’t sure, the pile of leaves waiting to be bagged in my backyard is a clear clue. This time of year is my favorite – probably because it brings to mind raking leaves with my dad. My childhood home has a huge yard, and we did the entire yard by hand. No leaf-blowers for us. As an adult, I can appreciate the hours he still spends taking care of the yard, preparing it for the winter wind and snow that is sure to be part of our lives sooner than we’d like!

The smell of the burning leaves, the warm house that awaited our cold feet, and the hot chocolate Mom would have waiting for us when we came in the house, all added up to time spent together. My girls’ experience is somewhat different – a smaller yard, a few less trees and as a working mom, less time to complete the project. But studies report that the amount of time is not the important part – the time spent together focusing on those around us, is the difference.

Consider inviting friends and family over to help make big projects smaller. 10 Tips for Fall Yard Work Whether you are sharing a rake (oh, my kids love leaf piles!) or putting the last details together for dinner, or washing the dishes – remember that these are the memories that make your family table so important.

I am positive that the leaf-raking excitement will pass, all too quickly. But when the leaves start to fall in years to come, the memories of working together will kick back in, rejuvenating those feelings of belonging and working as a team.


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