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Tip of the Week: Our Traditions

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Between now and this weekend, most of us will find ourselves sitting around, rubbing our overly-full tummies and snoozing in front of the t.v. (Well, I’d like to be. More than likely, I’ll draw dishes-duty and the kids will be chasing my mother-in-law’s cat around the room. We’re just living the dream!)

Have you noticed your Facebook friends following this year’s trend – Gratitude Posts? IE: today is the 21st, so they have posted 21 things they are grateful for. While I have not been as faithful to doing this, it seems like a great way to extend that Thanksgiving tradition of going around the table and sharing what you are thankful for. From our Family Table to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!

– Frances

A couple of our staff shared their favorite family traditions:

Debbie, Health Educator: I was introduced to a new tradition from a friend of mine from Texas “Turkey Bowling.”  Taking a frozen turkey, throwing it down a trash bag lined alley greased with Crisco.  What a great time getting a strike!  It gets everyone up and moving!

Hollissa, Brush Coordinator: All of my family goes to my parent’s house and we eat lunch together. We play board games and draw names for who we are buying Christmas gifts for the extended family members. Then, we go through the Black Friday ads and map out our route for the next morning.

Dave, Lead Educator: My family heads to Marshall, Illinois every year on Thanksgiving. The house is located in the country, off the beaten path, providing attendees with a great backdrop. My favorite part of the day is taking a walk down the road after we stuff our faces, making room for the pumpkin pie that will be consumed at a later time.

Holli, CEO: In our house we have the Pumpkin Pie Law – the first piece of pumpkin pie for the season has to be eaten on Thanksgiving.  It’s fine to eat other pumpkin goodies, like pumpkin cookies, but no pie until Thanksgiving!  Pumpkin pie is the only dessert I make on Thanksgiving and this way it’s especially delicious because we’ve waited for it.

Bethany, Director of Development: My favorite part of Thanksgiving is not only all the delicious different food options, but time to sit down and relax and enjoy each others company. I love that everyone brings their favorite dish to share with each other.

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