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New Family, New Traditions

Gentry cookies

The holiday season brings many different family traditions. Whether it be special treats, gifts, or family outings, the holiday season has a way of bringing our families together. A few of our staff shared their traditions and favorite things about the holiday season with their families.

Hannah Keith, Marketing Assistant: Christmas is my favorite time of year, not just because of the fun traditions our family has started, but because we get the opportunity to teach our kids about the birth of Jesus. Even though our two month old, Pierson, cannot participate in much this year, we still gather as a family to talk about the true meaning of Christmas. It is awesome to hear our oldest son, Gentry, repeat things we have taught him to his friends and also to hear what he is learning at school. We are especially excited to attend his first Christmas program this year at his Preschool. From what he has been singing at home and the stories we have heard, it sounds like it will be very entertaining!

Our Christmas traditions consist of putting up our tree together while listening to Christmas music. Gentry loves to sing along and help put ornaments on the tree. But his favorite part of all is making cookies and decorating them and then, of course, devouring them! We let him help stir the ingredients and use cookie cutters to cut out different objects. The best part is watching him ice and decorate the cookies once they are done. He is very particular about decortating. We have also started the Elf on the Shelf tradition this year. Gentry likes finding and talking to his elf, Thor, on a daily basis. No matter what we do together as a family, we always have a great time. The Christmas season seems to add just a little more excitement. It may have something to do with the many presents on Gentry’s Christmas list this year!

Hannah Keith 2012

Hannah Keith, Marketing Assistant


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