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Tradition and Humor


The holiday season brings many different family traditions. Whether it be special treats, gifts, or family outings, the holiday season has a way of bringing our families together. A few of our staff shared their traditions and favorite things about the holiday season with their families.

Paula Crouch, Administrative Assistant: Families have their holiday traditions, and we have ours too, but this is mixed with tradition and a bit of humor.  Ever since I can remember, my mother made her famous peanut butter balls every Christmas.  Some, she would dip in milk chocolate, and some in the white chocolate that was pre-colored with red or green candy coloring.  When the time came that this was too much for her to continue doing, I took over because Christmas just wasn’t Christmas without the peanut butter balls.

The first year I made them and set them out, she noticed that I had not used the pre-colored white chocolate and insisted that I had not made them correctly.  I tried to explain that the chocolate is the same but she insisted they tasted different.  Perhaps this would be because I added a bit more peanut butter or something, but no, it was because of the chocolate!  So, as you can imagine, the next year I purchased the pre-colored red and green white chocolate and made my mother very happy.

Guess what, she said they tasted just like hers!

Paula_Crouch - 2012

Paula Crouch, Administrative Assistant


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One thought on “Tradition and Humor

  1. Funny story and beautiful results! Marcia

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