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Tip of the Week: Party Safe Home in the New Year

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New Year’s Eve is a big deal at our house. While we do not dress up and dance (my Mr. isn’t as excited about that idea as I am), we do include the kids in our festivities. In fact, this year, they have started planning their own ‘party’ on the second floor! Many people think of this time of year as an end. Not us – we usually have a small group of friends and family over for a night of games and to share in the promise of a New Year.

Many people also think of drinking as the center of the night – from movies to TV shows, alcohol consumption is often central to the story time. Our home is not alcohol free, but it is important to show our children that you can have a great time and celebrate without getting drunk and ‘forgetting’ all the details. Family table research shows that teens in families who eat together consume less alcohol, and use less tobacco and marijuana. If you agree that this is important, consider pledging to be a Party Safe Home.

In the upcoming new year, we hope that you and your family are healthy and make family meals a priority!


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