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As a mother of 7 children, the biggest thing I worry about is whether I have forgotten to pick up a child at school or childcare. When I am done with that daily panic, I worry that my children will reach adulthood and leave home without me having gotten around to teaching them some important things. Some are big things, like morals and values, but one is that they know how to fend for themselves in the kitchen. More than just being able to make a bowl of cereal, I want to make sure my children know how to cook at least a few meals so they don’t have to live on frozen burritos as young adults.

My older daughters, at 19 and 21, have jumped on this bandwagon and enjoy cooking. In fact, I would bet my 21 year-old cooks more than I do. In our house, the meal all of my children have learned how to cook first has been some form of eggs. Scrambled, sunny-side up or boiled, eggs are easy to cook and give kids a real feeling of accomplishment in the kitchen. With the confidence that they really can cook, it’s easy then to move on to simple meals like spaghetti or sautéed chicken breasts.

I recently ran across this article about trying to teach children to cook ten meals before they leave home and I like the idea. My 13 year-old son can cook three different kinds of eggs – I wonder if I can count that as three meals? If you already have a young adult in your family I recommend this cookbook, written by a local nutritionist, to give them a resource for some easy, but impressive, meals they can make.


Holli Seabury, CEO


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