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Tip of the Week: Valentine’s Day Ideas


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As Valentine’s Day approaches I always try to think of creative, healthy treats to make for my son and husband. It’s so easy to be drawn in by the delicious looking chocolates and other baked goods. And it is okay to indulge in these delicious treats sometimes. We all do! But, I have also found that you can give into those things and still stay on track with your healthy diet. Nowadays, there are so many different things you can substitute for sugar, dyes, and other ingredients that seem to trouble our bodies. Our Family Table Pinterest page has many Valentine’s Day ideas for kids, adults and even for those on a gluten free or organic diet.

Or if you choose not to make an edible treat for Valentine’s Day there are also fun crafts you can make with or for your kids. This year, for Valentine’s Day, I am going to write a letter to my oldest son telling them how much I love and care about him. I found the idea on Pinterest and it is called Love Letters to Your Children. This is something I know will make my son’s day and he will cherish. You can personalize them however you like, since my son adores super heroes I will incorporate them into the design of his letter. You can also do this with other members of your family. Who doesn’t want to hear how much they are loved and appreciated, right?!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for couples either. It’s a day you show people that you love them. You could buy someone’s coffee in the Starbucks line, pay someone’s parking ticket or shovel your neighbor’s driveway. This website shares 26 ideas for random acts of kindness in honor of families affected by the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy. Get creative this Valentine’s Day and spread kindness around our city!

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Hannah Keith, Marketing Assistant, wife and mom of two

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