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Tip of the Week: Chinese New Year

Chinese New year

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There is an important holiday that is celebrated every year in my husband’s family that many of our neighbors may not even think about. In America, we have just come off the holiday season rush and are not really thinking about celebrating now. I am talking about the Chinese New Year. It’s coming up this weekend and will be observed from February 9 (New Year’s Eve) to February 24, 2013.

I told my husband that I often associate Chinese New Year with lanterns, dragons in parades and good homemade food. He agreed that all those things are a part of the celebration but there are three traditions that he grew up with in his family that are most important. Spending time with family, the giving of gifts, and a food fest.

So on February 9, we will be heading over to his parent’s house to celebrate those three many things that are the essence of Chinese New Year. The giving of gifts is traditionally between an elder/parent that is given to the child. It is a gift of money given in a red envelope, called the Hong Bao. He has fond memories of the red envelopes and we still have several around our home.

It is a custom to eat the Jiao Zi, or Chinese dumpling. This is his favorite Chinese food and his favorite food that his mother cooks. His family prefers the steamed, not fried, variety which makes them a much healthier choice. From our house to yours, Happy New Year!


Bethany Clapper, Director of Development, wife and mom of 1


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