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Tip of the Week: Staying Connected


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I was recently asked an interesting question, “How do we do family meals when all the members of my family aren’t together?”  Today’s families can be separated by job travel, military service, or may have members, such as grandparents, who live in another area.  There are lots of creative ideas, such as using Skype or FaceTime, to include far flung members at the table.  One family I know cooks the same meal in Fort Wayne as the grandparents cook at their house in Florida and then they eat “together” using Skype.  They laugh when a child asks someone to pass the carrots and Grandma will say, “here you go,” and hold the carrots up to the computer screen, forgetting they are in another state!

Right now I am missing my oldest son from my family table as he completes a combat deployment in Afghanistan.  He surprised me a few weeks ago by sending me a recipe for Blackberry Lemon Bread Pudding.  Since the food is so bad on base, apparently he has taken to noticing when recipes come across his Facebook feed!  I made the recipe together with his fiancée and we took pictures of her eating the delicious dessert and sent them to him.  Not only was it a way for me to connect with a future member of my family, but it helped my son to feel connected to us, knowing we were baking a recipe he sent.

If this is anything like when he has gone on long trainings in the past, in the weeks before he comes home I will be getting a lot of meal suggestions for his first meals at home!  Nothing says home like the food you grew up eating.

I’ve included the Blackberry Lemon Bread Pudding recipe in the Recipe of the Week link at the top; don’t skimp on the lemon sauce, it really makes it!


Holli Seabury, CEO


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One thought on “Tip of the Week: Staying Connected

  1. This is a topic which is close to my heart… Best wishes!

    Exactly where are your contact details though?

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