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Tip of the Week:Date Night

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This Week’s Featured Recipe: Order In

So, the night is planned. We’ve been planning for this night for weeks! The kids are at a sitter we can trust. The reservations are made; fancy clothes all laid out; hair and makeup just right… we arrive at the restaurant, just the two of us, and are seated fairly quickly. Now what?

Usually the dinner hour is filled with the girls chattering about school, and this friend or that one. What errands didn’t get done? What chores need to be done before bed? How homework is being completed? But on this night – it’s just the two of us across the table from one another. Like every jewelry store ad that plays on tv at the holidays.

This could be an anniversary, holiday, birthday or if you’re lucky like one of our staff members, any given weekend. For my husband and I, it has become a fairly rare occasion. So, when we sat down to dinner across from each other… silence. Not brooding, or unhappy. Just silence. So quiet we could hear the table next to us. Obviously, we’ve waited a little long for that date night habit we had planned to implement and once again, I was reminded that to be better parents, we have to get out on our own once in a while. If you’re not sure – here are 5 tips on why date night is important. I’ll be taking a note from my own tip this week!

Thinking a lack of funds makes it too difficult? Set up a date night co-op and borrow an idea from these Pocket Change ideas so that you two can get away for a couple hours. And schedule it. Don’t wait for the time to just show up on your calendar, but plan it like you would a doctor’s appointment or service for the car (yes, I said it!). Be intentional for your family’s sake.

Oh, and our date ended up great. We just had to think about it but it turns out there are a lot of movies coming out soon that we would like to see. (Oh yeah, that’s what we did before we had kids!)

Let us help you plan your next date night! Win a $100 Waiter on the Way gift certificate by helping us reach 500 Facebook likes. Share and like our Family Table Facebook page. Once we reach 500 likes we will draw a random winner from all fans.

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Frances Brooks, Director of Marketing and Operations, wife and mom of 2


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