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Tip of the Week: Easter Family Trip


Easter weekend conjures up for me a traditional pastel colored dress and big hat. That is what my childhood was like – going to church and singing praise songs, and of course, the big Easter Egg Hunt; followed by a ham dinner with all of my cousins and grandparents… My kids experience is somewhat different.

This year they will participate  in our church’s Easter Extravaganza – a short, interactive event, followed by an egg hunt where the donated grocery store bags flap in the breeze as the kids drop the candy-filled eggs, and a fair bit of grass, into them. Often held the weekend before Easter, the kids run like crazy to find the brightly colored plastic eggs, that ironically, because we are trying to teach them about volunteering, they had helped to fill the weekend before.

The last few years, our spring break has started on Good Friday and with my husband’s work schedule, we have started going out of town that weekend. So, no big family dinner on Easter for my children.  In both my husband’s and my family, our daughters are the only local grandchildren. Instead of one big family meal, we’ll have one big family trip. And together, we’ve all learned about Mammoth Cave, and the vehicles of WWII in Dayton, and the beaches and traditions of Mississippi and Louisiana where my husband went to college. This year’s agenda includes the Gateway Arch and a tour of the Cathedral Basilica St. Louis. Something tells me they are celebrating Easter there, too!

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Frances Brooks, Director of Marketing and Operations, wife and mom of 2

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