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Tip of the Week: Chaos in the Car

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One of the many things I have had to learn to do as a mom is to deal with chaos in the car with my kids. Car time is also one of my favorite times with my kids because I get to hear so much from my 4 year old about what is going on in his life. Whether it is real or imaginary, I love to hear stories from him. He currently has an ongoing story about an imaginary class he attends. I am amazed at the detail he goes into with his stories and things he encounters in everyday life. This is also a time where my 6 month old will finally doze off for a short nap. Car time with the kids can be a great addition to the day.

However, there are days when car rides don’t go so well. If my 4 year old senses that my full attention is not on him he will go into repeat mode until I answer him. Then my 6 month old will start crying and I have to scramble to find his pacifier. And I need to do all of this while keeping one hand on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. In these moments, I know I am not giving proper attention to the task at hand, driving! I know this is probably something that every mother deals with on a day to day basis. Whether it is calming your screaming kids, handing them snacks, or answering their every question, driving with kids in the car can be very distracting.

Finding yourself distracted while driving? Attend our McMillen Center Health Lecture Series on April 18th!

Hannah Keith 2012

Hannah Keith, Marketing Assistant, wife and mom of 2


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