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So, do you find yourself eating out a lot? Fries and burgers in the drive-thru? I have to admit that, yes, we’ve recently been guilty. It’s a habit we really need to break, but when you get on the go, it seems,well, easier.  This week, we should be honest and say, “Together, We Eat in the Car.”

It seems that it is a spring trend, as the kids get busier and we try to fit more in the daylight, we snuggle a meal in between our other errands. My goal for this week is to eat in as opposed to drive thru. And, the National Restaurant Association is trying to help us be healthier. They have started two programs that can make our meals out a whole lot better. The first ranks “whole grain items in kid’s meals” and this year, they started ranking restaurants for “healthful kids meals.”

The Kids LiveWell program has over 30,000 participating restaurant locations.  In order to qualify, a children’s meal must meet nutrition standards based on the US Dietary Guidelines.  The meal (entrée, side and beverage) must include two servings of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein or a low-fat dairy; meet limits for sodium, fats and sugar; and weigh in at 600 calories or less. Visit the Healthy Dining Finder site and Eating Away From Home page to find more restaurants with healthier kids’ options and whole grains on the menu.

Remember that the most important part of the meal is the time you spend together, around the table (not in the car, or in front of the tv!) And, if you see my family out and about, please be sure to say hi!

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Frances Brooks, Director of Marketing and Operations, wife and mom of 2

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