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We’ve hit that part of our work week where the fridge is not doing its job. By that I mean that it’s cold, but it is not storing much food. This is usually where takeout meals get inserted as our food plan. I know it is not a good plan, but as I dash home from work today it will be a choice – meet the bus, or stop by the grocery store on the way home and pick up the items that we’ve run out of –  again.

Several months ago, Holli wrote in the intro to the Family Table Cookbook that she relies on a basic list of must-haves that she shops for week after week. That list makes sense to me. As does the list from TLC called “Keep the Basics on Hand.” It is part of the 10 Time Saving Tips list that they put together. I really liked that they said “creative cooking can get to be a real pain if you have to run out and buy bags and bags of groceries every time you want to try a new recipe.” We often want to try new things, and I’ve learned how to substitute fresh and dried herbs, but have no idea what to substitute for honey when the ‘bear’ in the cupboard is empty.

The solution for tonight – I just remembered that there is some frozen spinach and chicken in the freezer. So, if the kids make a salad (they tend to eat it better that way) and I use the recipe I just found for a kid-friendly Chicken Florentine, then we should be able to sit down in a fairly short amount of time. Plus, the kids will love making the filling for this recipe!

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