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Tip of the Week: Talking About School


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What topic is most discussed at your family table?

At my house, dinner almost always opens with school-related conversation. Complaints about homework are the most common! These comments are usually quickly rebuffed with, “this is your responsibility.” Depending on the day, this may or may not end the conversation, or it may prolong it! As a family, we have discussed the social studies assignment that is due right after Thanksgiving break, the daily math homework, and we frequently discuss how important it is to get these items turned in on time. Valuable partners in this conversation are our daughters’ teachers.

Since this week is American Education Week we encourage you to honor your children’s teachers. If you do not have kids at home, we suggest talking about education to nieces, nephews, neighbors, grandchildren or the kids down the street, as this message is very important. A coworker shared that her son, who attends Forrest Park Elementary in Fort Wayne, is especially pleased with how the educators have worked with her son this year. “I look forward to the rest of this school year and the exciting things ahead for my son’s education,” said Jodie Godfrey, Marketing & Development Assistant.  “I am grateful for the educators who have played an important role in his education this school year.”

As my daughters are now half way done with their school careers, the topic of college comes up more and more often. A friend recently shared that there are some great resources that your family might benefit from – paying for college can certainly be a difficult conversation for many families. There are even apps that will encourage elementary students to take these important steps! Sitting down as a family and talking through your child’s plans never happens at too young of an age.  It’s important for our children to know what our expectations are for them attending college and how it will be paid for. Trip to College and Big Future have planning tips and suggestions.  If your family is feeling like college is not possible, view other’s stories about how they made it work.

Tonight at your family table ask your children to tell you about their favorite teacher and why they are their favorite.  You may be surprised at the answer!


Frances Brooks

Director of Operations
& Business Development

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