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Tip of the Week: Stress Free Holidays!


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For years my annual Christmas Eve tradition was to have a complete meltdown as I tried to wrap last minute presents, bake cookies, and cook a large meal for my family.  Several years ago I realized I just couldn’t do it all and my family would rather have a sane mom on Christmas Eve, than a home cooked meal.  Thus began our tradition of eating out on Christmas Eve, one of my most favorite traditions. I had to let go of what I thought I should be able to accomplish, and accept what was realistic for me to accomplish.  For this week’s tip, Jo-Anne M. Yurosko, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with Lutheran Health Network gives us some timely advice:

Holidays are a source of pleasure and of stress for many people.  It is a time when we may over eat, overspend, and overdo alcohol.  Too many expectations can cause sadness and frustration.  The time to rethink priorities is now.

Be sure to put your own needs and time frame at the front of the line.  When your well has run dry, there is nothing left for others.  Replenish that source by taking time for you each day.  Even 10 minutes can help.

Some quick ideas for a pick-me-up:

  • Going out for a walk or dancing to up-tempo music can help recharge your batteries.
  • Don’t forget to delegate items on your “to do” list to others.
  • Think about customs you usually do yearly.  Are there any you can eliminate?  A smaller list can help ease the stress.

Make plans to put more joy in your holidays!

Jo-Anne – Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Lutheran Health Network

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