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It’s the season for resolutions and one of my annual resolutions is always to find ways where my family can spend more time together.  Family meals are the perfect family time – we all have to eat, so let’s eat together!  If more family meals are one of your resolutions, here are some tips:

  • If your family is too busy to eat together, take a hard look at the calendar and see if there aren’t some activities that can go.  Often kids, and parents, are so over scheduled they aren’t even enjoying their activities.  No sport, club, or other activity is more important than your family – make time for family first!
  • If you absolutely, positively can’t take anything off the calendar, then get creative. Try making a weekend breakfast or lunch a standard family meal time, or setting aside one night a week where no one schedules an activity, no matter what.  I have identified Sunday evening as the one evening during the week when no one has any activities.  This year, I am going to add Sunday evening dinners as a planned meal time and let my husband and kids know that on Sunday evening they need to plan to be at the family table!
  • When you sit down with your calendar and identify those times you can eat together as a family, try assigning the meal plan, or the conversation starters, to one of your children.  When children know it is “their” day to supervise a meal, they are usually way more on top of things than us adults!
  • Take a little time to create a plan for weekly meals and a grocery list.  Go one step further and do some prep work on the weekend so your veggies are chopped and things are ready to go.  For those evenings when you know you won’t have a spare minute to cook – break out the crock pot.  You can assemble the meal in the crock pot the night before, keep it in the fridge overnight, and then plug it in first thing in the morning.  Nothing feels better than walking through the door after a hard day and smelling your dinner all cooked and waiting!

Holli Seabury, CEO

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