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Tip of the Week: Organizing Quality Time


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Finding ways to spend time together as a family each week can be difficult. Try not to over think this goal and keep activities simple, such as cooking supper together. Everyone can lend a hand with meal preparations.

Meal planning with the kids can be fun and interesting. My family enjoys coming up with new recipes and I’m in the process of creating a recipe scrapbook  of our creations. Some friends of mine and their two teenage children take turns cooking supper each week night. They save one night a week to order take out. This allows them to have more time together and the stress of meal planning doesn’t fall on one person.

My husband and I both dislike grocery shopping very much. We used to argue about which one of us would make the grocery run for the week, so we decided to make it a family event. One simple change in the schedule has allowed us to spend a little more quality time together. What are some creative ways you and your family make time to spend together? Share your ideas on our Facebook page!


Jodie Godfrey
Marketing & Development Associate

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