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Tip of the Week: Mother’s Day


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Mother’s Day evokes a memory of pretty spring dresses and baskets of flowers.  Each and every May of my childhood, I can remember going with my parents to the plant nursery to pick out a hanging basket of bright purple and pink fuchsia plants.  These would be delivered to each of my grandmothers for Mother’s Day and would hang on their porches for the remainder of the summer.  Both of them had green thumbs, much like my mother, who maintains beautiful gardens each year.  Somehow, I fell off the turnip truck and cannot seem to grow a Snake Plant, let alone baskets of rich color near my front door. Thank goodness my children are interested in developing their own abilities in the garden (although I do wish my oldest would stay out of the poison ivy!)

Investigative and imaginative, my oldest daughter’s garden is a blend of rocks, flowering plants and moss that she found somewhere – I keep hoping this is all heirloom plants from our own yard and not the neighbors’!  She is keenly interested in seeds of all kinds.

McMillen Center _20140430_142631

I often find her pockets full of treasures that she intends to plant and harvest later this year.  Laundry days are never boring at our house!  I believe the cicada “shells” she gathered a couple of years ago were the “best” surprise.

And that is how mothering goes, isn’t it?  We nurture the brightest parts of their personality and surround them with the nutrients of family meals, good conversation, valuable skills, and enrich them with important truths.  Along the way, they pick up items they value.  Then, on “laundry day,” we help them to sort through these finds, determining what we hope will culture their best and brightest blooms.  In the midst of the process, it is sometimes difficult to see the success of our efforts.  But on Mother’s Day, I encourage you to take at least a few minutes this year to stop and smell the flowers.  Those blooms are the product of the hours and hours we have engaged in developing those within our area of influence.  Maybe consider visiting your local greenhouse to see what you and your family can grow together!


Frances Brooks, mom of 2
Director of Operations & Business Development

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