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5 meals to make with your kids


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When my kids get in the car each evening my five year old son almost always says, “Do you have any food? I’m hungry.” To which I respond, “No honey, but have you thought about what we should have for dinner tonight? I’m hungry, too.” During the car ride home we discuss what kinds of foods sound good for dinner and come up with a plan. We pass several restaurants on the way home and sometimes he becomes a little bit side tracked, but that is to be expected. Once we get home, I try to include him in the preparation of the meal. This helps him learn how to make healthy food choices by being a part of the process. He loves dairy, fruits, and vegetables, but it is the choice of protein that is hard for us to decide.

Having kids help in the kitchen also teaches other life skills. He is learning fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination when he helps to measure and pour ingredients into the bowl for mixing. He learns to share cooking utensils and learns patience if he has to wait for my help while I work on a different part of the meal. The top five recipes that he likes to make are pastas, sandwiches, cookies, eggs and pancakes!

If you are interested in learning more about how to cook with your kids, has some great tips.


Bethany Clapper, Director of Development & Marketing and mother of two

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