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Active Versus Busy

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The call to be an active family is all around us. You see it on billboards, Facebook messages and blogs. Even car company ads are talking about how important it is to be out and about and plugged in. But in a recent conversation with a friend, our active family sounded like this:
She: “How are you?”
Me: “Busy, the girls are doing these 10 things, and my hubby, more busy; and… busy”
She: “Us too, the kids have these activities, and I’m busy; and tomorrow we are busy. This weekend, we’re busy!”
Me: “Yeah, I’m tired.” And so on.

Busy was the first and possibly even last word out of my mouth as I described what my kids, husband and I had planned. Don’t get me wrong, what we had planned was not bad, but it definitely has my family going, going and always gone. Sitting down together for a family meal has been a rare occasion these past few weeks. I can attest that active is not the same as busy.

Research shows meals to be short opportunities for your family to sit down sans television or mobile device, and talk to each other. They are invaluable in helping children avoid addictions, self-harm and pregnancy, and can lead to better responses to bullying and improved nutrition. With all that aside, regular meals help keep what can become a crazy schedule on an accountable and connected routine. This allows family members to know what and when to expect from each other.

As you review your weekly schedule for the upcoming summer, take a moment to consider how family meals are part of the routine of an active family and not an oversight of a busy one.
Happy planning!


Frances Brooks

Director of Operations & Business Development and Mother of Two


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