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Let’s Go On A Picnic

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Recipe of the Week: Spinach and Artichoke Wrap 

Spring and summer months are the best time to enjoy a meal outside! So, take advantage of the longer daylight hours and warm weather to enjoy a picnic. Check a local listing of your area parks and give them a try. For a list of Fort Wayne’s local parks, visit: McMillen Center For Health Education’s Out & About Guide. If you don’t have the time to make the trip to a park, your own backyard can be just as lovely.

Do you have friends or family that you don’t have the opportunity to connect with very often? Ask them to join you on your picnic adventure. This is a low commitment and family friendly activity that everyone can participate in. Make a list of the essentials and assign foods to others to make it more of a potluck style outing. By doing this, you lighten your load and allow for some creativity from your attendees.


Travel Well: Mason jar salads, Fresh fruit, Crackers

Consider Your Surroundings: Will you need bug spray? Does the park have tables?

Love the Earth: Use plastic, reusable dishware and utensils instead of paper plates, etc.

Extras: Portable Speaker, Playing Cards, Frisbee

Let’s get out there, be creative and have fun. Enjoy this week’s recipe: a spinach and artichoke wrap.

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Jenn Storey, Multimedia Graphic Artist


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