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Recipe of the Week: Three Ingredient Orange Honey Greek Yogurt Pops

Stumped on what to feed your young grandchild that will be healthy?  I don’t think I am the only person with this burning question.  I am the grandmother of a 16 month old who loves her fruits and veggies but when it comes to meat, the interest drops. Her parents do a great job of planning meals for her but when I have to take over, I just stand at the open refrigerator door and wonder what I am going to feed this child who has informed me she is hungry.

As I ponder what to fix, I try to remember what I did when my daughter was this age.  The food recommendations have changed a bit over the years but the basics seem to be the same. I think of the food plate the nutritionists teach and I wonder how I am going to get protein into a little body that doesn’t like meat, beans or cheese unless it is an artificial cheese sauce coating noodles. Healthy? I think not.


A child 1 to 3 years of age needs approximately 13 grams of protein per day. When I checked a list of possible protein alternatives I saw that whole milk, Greek yogurt, eggs, peas, carrots and peanut butter are great. While I knew these were all good for her, I didn’t realize they were full of protein. Eureka!  I can do this!

Now the creative juices need to flow! Well ok, maybe I will defer to Pinterest for ideas. I find things like making frozen Greek yogurt pops, hard boiled eggs with a face, carrots cut into fun shapes, peanut butter on a few slices of a frozen banana on a stick or veggie pancakes. Now while none of these ideas are unique, they were ideas that hadn’t occurred to me. This information was pure gold.

Simple ideas for the grandparent struggling to create a fun and healthy eating experience are always welcome.  While they are nothing fancy, or even new to a lot of parents, I hope these ideas put a smile on a grandparent’s face the next time you are standing at the open refrigerator door trying to please your hungry little one.

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