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Recipe of the Week: Sushi Rice and California Rolls

One of the best times to connect as a family is preparing for mealtime. It is a moment in the day where we need both hands to chop vegetables, mix the ingredients or stir a great homemade sauce. Get your family members involved in the experience! This will give you time to chat about your day and to enjoy the accomplishment of preparing food together.

If you have small children who are learning to be independent, cooking is a great teaching moment to work with them on nutrition as well as the skills they need to prepare their own food. In the following link, you will find a Free 52 Week Family Home-Education Curriculum, which teaches children valuable food preparation skills.  Some of the topics covered in the curriculum are mixing, stirring, chopping and much more.

For couples who are just cooking meals for two, you can get creative together and make a date night of meal preparation. One of my favorite things to do with my husband is to work on a new recipe together and I encourage you to do the same thing with your significant other! Food brings people together, provides comfort and brings awareness back to your very basic needs, which is so important to do when we get busy with our lives. In this week’s recipe, I am featuring a fun food to prepare together: Sushi Rice and California Rolls.

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