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Most of us follow a daily routine. Routines can be helpful, when it comes to time management which allows you to take full advantage of the extra moments you have doing the things you enjoy. The schedule of a new mom is something that I am beginning to appreciate. While I do not have any children, I am at that age where most of my friends are starting their families and I am learning how that delicate balance is important.

This past weekend, I attended a baby shower for a close friend who is expecting her first child. This friend is someone who enjoys structure and planning. She is probably one of the most organized people I have ever met. While I saw her opening all of the new gadgets and gizmos that you need as a new parent, I thought about how much her life would change.  Rather than giving her cards with well wishes, the person who put the shower together suggested gifting a book with a personal note in the cover. This is one of my favorite things that will be a part of her new routine. She loves to read and can now share something that she loves with her daughter.

Having a routine is helpful for developing children. In a quote from the American Association of Pediatrics, they point out, “One of a family’s greatest challenges is to establish comfortable, effective routines, which should achieve a happy compromise between the disorder and confusion that can occur without them and the rigidity and boredom that can come with too much structure and regimentation, where children are given no choice and little flexibility.”  For some great tips on family routines, visit: www.  Whether the routine is, cooking together, going for a walk after dinner or reading a book before bedtime, remember to have fun!

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