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How many of us have gone to the grocery store with the intention of just coming home with the essentials for the week, and instead, ended up with everything but the essentials? I know I am guilty of going a little overboard when I’m out on a grocery trip. With all of the advertisements and new products, I become a moth to a flame. Shopping when you are distracted results in overspending and often additional trips to the grocery store. With some easy steps and planning, you can save money and a little bit of sanity.

Step 1: Look through your cabinets to assess what you already have working for you. What ingredients would work well in meals for the following week?

Step 2: Think about what sounds good! What recipes work well for you and your family? Are there recipes that you would like to try out? There are great resources online for budget meal planning, so do your research!

Step 3: Make a reliable grocery list that follows the order you walk through the store. Preparing a list ahead of time will keep you focused on the items you need and more likely to skip the things you don’t. If you use a dry erase board or chalkboard to make your list throughout the week, simply take a photo with your cell phone and use it as a reference.

Step 4: Spend your time at home using these ingredients to make your own meals! It’s easy to pick up or have food delivered from a restaurant, but you miss out on valuable family time, spend more money, and sometimes overeat with the enormous portions that you are served.

With a little bit of planning, you can make shopping and meal preparation something to look forward to!

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