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Pack Your Lunch Like a Pro

Pack Your Lunch Like a Pro-Graphic

Recipe of the week: Sandwich on a Stick

In most circumstances, lunchtime is typically not spent as a family. Packing a lunch for a family member is a great way to show them that you care about their day. If you’re packing your own lunch, you can give yourself something to look forward to. Personally, I would prefer the variety of a well-balanced meal instead of a frozen brick of ingredients that I can’t pronounce. By packing lunch, you also bring more intention to your grocery shopping.

Adults and children alike love a creative meal. Who doesn’t love to play with their food? If you want to add a little something extra, put in an encouraging note in their lunch. Click here for Free Printable Lunchbox Notes.

 Think Outside of the (Lunch) Box:

  • First of all: Pick out a great lunch bag or box!
  • Use cookie cutters to cut fruit, cheese or bread in to fun shapes
  • Decorate your sandwich bags with drawings or notes
  • Buy reusable sandwich or snack bags to save on waste and expense
  • Use cupcake papers to separate foods and make a bento box style lunch
  • If you are bringing your lunch to work, invite co-workers on a lunchtime picnic to get in some social time

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