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Fall for Apples

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Recipe of the Week: Apple-Berry Brown Betty

As you walk through the produce aisle, or your local farmers market, it’s obvious that fall is here. Today marks the first day of fall and as the weather starts to change our prime seasonal produce changes as well. Pumpkins, squash, and my favorite fall food; apples, start to take over.

Prime apple-picking season begins in late August and lasts all the way through November. When you’re shopping, try to choose apples that feel dense and firm when gently squeezed. As always, avoid any bruised fruit. Apples are best if used within three weeks of purchasing and survive best if stored in your refrigerator crisper.

A great activity to do as a family is going to an apple orchard. It’s something that you can enjoy at any age. You can spend time together as a family and have the added benefit of fresh-picked fruit. For a directory of apple orchards near you, visit: Orchard Guide

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