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Educating Families About the Benefits of Family Meals

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving in our household can be a small gathering of 6, and recently has been a large gathering, with up to 22 family members!  I have found tips along the way to make the holiday stress free and fun.

Delegate – Don’t hesitate to ask guests to bring a dish share or serving items to use for the meal.  Assign food groups so you don’t end up with 15 desserts and no side dishes.

Special Diets and Picky Eaters– No worries, whole foods offered at the Thanksgiving table can be a quick solution. Serving raw and/or steamed vegetables or fresh fruits are a solution for restricted diets. Many times “picky” eaters are comfortable eating foods that are not a combination of different items.

Quality Time– Finally, as important as food is during the Thanksgiving holiday, time spent with friends and family is equally important. After enjoying the holiday meal, take time to be active together outside, if possible. Try a new tradition of a scavenger hunt. Families can get moving together making a map and finding clues together. If you can’t get outside, a game of charades or even a card game can be quality time well spent.

Have a wonderful holiday with friends and family!


Michelle Nagel

Director of Educational Sales, McMillen Center for Health Education

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