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Small Ways to Make a Big Change

banana bread is yummy

Recipe of the Week

For about two years, I have been trying to find small ways to help my family make healthier food choices. Now I am not talking anything about big changes; it started with not buying juice or fruit snacks for my kids to have during snack time. My only real opposition has been from my husband, who is very set in his eating ways. He finally came on board with these healthier food substitutions when he started substituting whole eggs and cooking with egg whites. One of the great resources I have utilized to help me make these transitions is this listing from the Mayo Clinic.

I have enjoyed trying new recipes at my house and I would like to share one with you to try in your house. Banana bread is delicious any time of year, whether for breakfast or an afternoon snack. I am sure you are like me and hate to see those last few bananas go bad and need to be thrown away. This is a quick recipe to use those ripe bananas. This banana bread substitutes applesauce and honey for oil and sugar. Enjoy!


Bethany Clapper, Director of Development & Marketing and Mother of Two

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