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Tip of the Week: Getting Out and About

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As a past basketball player, I am sure I recently just reversed one of those “I’m never gonna…” statements I made when I was younger. I recently started doing yoga. The instructor made a comment at the beginning of the first class that one class can make significant differences in your breathing and posture. She was right. I find myself working to relax my shoulders more, parking further from the door in parking lots and walking in the evening. After just one class.

In the heart of a cool summer (who’d have ever thought July could be so cool?) it has been easier this year than ever before to get out after work and clean up the yard, or ride down the road on our bikes. My kids have even noticed. Possibly it is both then – the weather and the yoga. No matter what the motivation, being more active has great benefits. The President’s Challenge (remember that elementary school fitness test?) has some great tips for getting started and staying active.

If you are looking for ways to be more active in and around Fort Wayne, look up free and low cost ideas in the McMillen Center’s Out and About Guide. This guide lists activities for kids, adults and families, as well as organizations that can help you develop a plan for a more healthy lifestyle. From the Guide, here are 10 ways to be more active:

  1. Take the stairs.
  2. Challenge a family member to a sit-up or jump rope contest.
  3. Limit screen time and have more play time.
  4. Listen to music and dance while you clean the house.
  5. Walk the dog to a local park with friends or family.
  6. See how many pushups you can do during commercials.
  7. Work in the garden to grow potted plants.
  8. Reward children with games and activities instead of candy.
  9. Go on a nature walk with your kids and point out animals and insects.
  10. Budget tight? Use soup cans as weights


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Director of Operations & Business Development and mother of two

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