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You’re eating breakfast at the table, and the family is ‘shoveling it in.’ After taking the time to prepare a full meal, it would be great to have them look up and acknowledge that there are other people at the table. But let’s be honest, morning is about the worst time to expect good conversation. When working to fit in three meals with all of us together at the table, summer is has proven to be a bit difficult. A meal in the evenings has proven to be quite challenging recently, so especially on the weekends, we try to have at least one morning meal together.

Here are three ideas to consider for making morning meal times more interactive:

#1: Having a conversation at the breakfast table about how their day went seems odd. Some other ideas include: a word of the day, or having everyone wearing the same color for the day, or “one thing I’d like to accomplish today…” Try to think of accomplishments beyond the typical chores list, considering creative ideas or new skills you’d like to learn.

#2: Set a goal for the next week’s meals. Ask your family for suggestions on what might be added to the grocery list. While cleaning up their plate, have them try to have them give you ideas for foods that are ‘the colors of the rainbow,’ that are both bright-colored and crunchy. (Yes, we know that Skittles are both brightly colored and crunchy, but this is not necessarily the health-conscious choice we were endorsing!) Sneak some power foods into breakfast with this week’s Recipe of the Week that features Veggies for Breakfast.

#3: Consider talking about the Health Tips from Fort4Fitness. Their Tip of the Day can give your family different suggestions on how to make little changes that can make a big impact!

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Tip of the Week: Smoothies for Breakfast

And so it begins, or continues, depending on your situation. The process of getting the kids up and out of the house can be a daunting one. And fed a healthy breakfast, an additional task of dread. I would imagine few families (well, at least mine, for sure) sit down to a full family meal on a school morning. If I am in the minority, I would love to be wrong on this   one! At our house, we are fortunate to have a staggered work schedule – dad is home with the girls in the morning and I take the afternoon (homework!) shift.

Our family table is often crowded with books, papers, and the like, if the kids are at home. Art projects and the ‘finds’ from playing outside must be cleared before dinner. But by breakfast – that order has disappeared at my house. Clothes laid out the night before and bookbags join the cereal bowls and occasional pancake (so I hear). Healthy is a priority, but eaten more so. With school lunch not being served until around 1 p.m., a quickly eaten bagel is the minimum requirement. Then the other day, a friend mentioned smoothies. My kids love the idea of eating this ‘treat’ for breakfast!

Not all that keen on the process? Sounds messy, for sure. But the fruit and protein the kids will get from these ideas will help make that long morning a bit more possible. And, there are dozens of combinations to please even the pickiest of eaters. For a seasonal fruit, try Mango-Peach Smoothies or Peanut Butter-Banana Smoothies for those less adventuresome types. Happy breakfast!

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