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Tip of the Week: Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

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 Recipe of the week

For this week’s tip we’ve put together some healthy Easter basket ideas from our families to yours!  If you are like me and don’t want to give your children candy every year, then you will find these alternatives helpful. We pinned 50 things to put in Easter eggs besides candy on our Pinterest Holiday board.  Please share the creative ways you celebrate Easter with your family on our Facebook page.

Holli – We do baskets with small toys and very little candy.  The big excitement on Easter morning is an egg hunt – I take the plastic eggs and put one or two jelly beans in each one.  The younger children love hunting for the eggs all over the house!

Bethany – I am giving my one-year old daughter a baby bath book about the Easter bunny and my five-year old son is getting a coloring book and sidewalk chalk. Other things we have given in Easter baskets are: tattoos, bubbles, books, money, paints, cars, and other little toys from the dollar bin, etc. For younger children we’ve bought a stuffed bunny, organic baby cookies/food, and a little chirping chick.

Frances – With the weather on the sunny side, my kids love new sidewalk chalk and jump ropes in their Easter basket. Silly putty (which already comes in an egg!) is super exciting – even my husband likes a new egg of silly putty! My kids are at the age where jewelry – especially earrings and rings – are very popular. And this year, those rubber band bracelets continue to be popular – a package of new rubber bands will fit into a large egg.

Linda – We look for baskets before Sunrise Service celebrating Jesus’ resurrection on Easter morning. In the baskets are usually a pair of socks for each person, bubbles and kites to share, as well as chocolates and jelly beans.

Camy – I have a volleyball for my daughter’s basket this year and a soccer ball for my son and I give them very little candy. One idea could be to write down good things that they have done, or examples of good behaviors, and place them in the plastic eggs instead of candy. They could read them thinking that the Easter Bunny wrote them! We also have done play dough, fingerprint books and sketch books in their baskets.

Scott – My wife and I give our children books, chocolate and a toy. Every Easter we go to an egg hunt at my Dad’s house.

Jodie – I always give a toy or activity book and one chocolate item to my son. Growing up, my Mom always gave my sister and I a basket with candy and a toothbrush with toothpaste.

Twila – We gave cartoon/special underwear during the potty training years, a watch, jewelry or DVDs. We always hid the Easter baskets so the kids had to hunt for their prize.

Kathryn – I am giving my children Mixels Legos to add to their collection. I also like to give books and other items my children may need, such as school supplies.

Debbie – Our Easter festivities include an Easter egg hunt. We fill about half the eggs with candy and the other half with pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills. We let each child know how many eggs they can collect. There is an outside race to find the Easter eggs. They burn off a few calories during the hunt, and eat a few calories when the hunt is finished! I am not sure what is more fun- but I think it is the hunt!

Hollissa – Here are some ideas: puzzles, Easter themed dollar store items, coloring books, or play dough.

Tip of the Week: No Candy Baskets


Easter Candy Facts

This Week’s Featured Recipe

All of the ads for clucking bunnies (they are memorable!), should have let you know that one of the biggest treat weekends is quickly approaching.  Easter is the second largest candy-eating occasion of the year for Americans, who consumed 7 billion pounds of candy in 2011, according to the National Confectioner’s Association. In 2012, Americans spent nearly $2.1 billion on Easter candy and among the most popular – the chocolate bunny and those crazy (and I say creepy) marshmallow Peeps. Follow the link above for more interesting Easter Candy Facts.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, snacking is where we often consume unintended calories, and the pounds of jelly beans and peanut butter eggs certainly count into those. If you are planning on making an Easter basket for this weekend’s celebration, you might consider one or two of these 50 novel ideas that are not confectionary:

1)      Coupons for getting out of chores

2)      Sidewalk chalk

3)      Jump rope and other outside play toys

4)      Grow-dinos (capsules that you put in water and watch grow)

5)      Sun glasses

6)      Food and cooking utensils for their play kitchen

7)      Mini flashlights

8)      Bead necklaces

9)      Fancy duck tape (bright colors and zebra prints, etc.)

10)    Sports balls – basketball, baseball, football

And hopefully, the weather will start to cooperate so we aren’t searching for Easter eggs in our snow boots!

– Frances, wife and mom of 2Director of Operations & Marketing


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