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Tip of the Week: My Family Table Changes

Guest Columnist: Laura Ramsey shares…

Our family table came into my husband’s family when his grandfather purchased a furnished fishing cottage on Lake James back in the ‘40s for some $5,000. It was given to us when we married, since the rest of his family trended towards a more modern look. It was refinished and soon enough our four children were eating every lunch and dinner of their lives sitting around this table.

Our Family Table, where we heard about the first day of school, the victories on the kick ball and Wildcat field, Scouting activities, reports due, try outs, band, dance, homework, mean lunch ladies, boring teachers, great teachers, interesting things learned, friends, SAT scores and college choices. Oh, and we ate too! Basic home cooked meals that satisfied both the body and spirit.

It is Back to School week and we will celebrate with our youngest children at three different colleges and the oldest out of college and gainfully employed in New Jersey. I looked at the table this morning with bittersweet nostalgia and a certain amount of triumph. We did it!
Four healthy children who continue to eat healthy, even in college. The oldest has discovered great delis in New Jersey; the second found the farmer’s market in Baltimore on her third day; the third is known to have supper parties where he cooks salmon! The fourth scoped out the dining hall that served the best vegetarian entrees on campus. Morristown, Baltimore, West Lafayette, and Bloomington; they all have their own tables now.

So we send our children as young adults out into the world and my pressing concerns are—where to store the table leaf and how to make chicken noodles for two!

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