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Tip of the Week: Summer Bucket List


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This was certainly a long, hard winter and while we were stuck inside, my family talked a lot about all the fun summer things we wanted to do. I spent some time looking up parks, sports activities, and new outdoor games we could play together. Many of my friends and social media feeds were talking about making a “Summer Bucket List.” First on our list was outside summer sports. We have registered my son for a summer sports program, of his choice, and all the outdoor toys that were stored in the garage quickly came out.

Once we started thinking about items to add to our list, I started seeing several social media sites on the same topic. Instead of creating something new, I decided I would use the great Summer Bucket List created by LeAnn Nome, who blogs as Real Fit Real Food Mom. I added a few new activities that I know my family will really enjoy doing together, and we are ready for summer fun! Come over to our Facebook page where we would love to hear about the exciting activities you have added to your Summer Bucket List!

Bethany RG Clapper
Director of Development and mother of two

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