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Tip of the Week: Stuck Inside

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Our crock pot has been on-call every day this week with all this cold weather! Also on-call, my patience – If you are like my girls and I, the last few days have made us all a little stir-crazy! The holiday buzz is over, tv time has been done, and even the cats are ready for us to get back into the swing of things (chiefly by letting them sleep without the constant kid-interruptions!) As we spend yet another day in our house with the below-zero temps, the following ideas helped us to find ways to be together without getting on one another’s last nerve!

Indoor sumo wrestling – My kids had not tried this before! Recommended for kids ages 5 and up, this activity will have even your tween laughing, and falling all over herself as she tries to refigure her center of gravity! Giggles galore!

Make up your own games using pieces from other board games. Consider using a checkerboard, the tokens from Monopoly and a dice. Once the kids agree on rules for their version of the game, have them share the idea with their siblings. Find suggestions on Pinterest – here’s a board someone else already made, which will save you time!

Plan a fashion show! – Ok, I confess that having daughters makes this idea a lot more fun! But it also helped to get my girls more organized (and they didn’t even know it!) By having them plan to put on two or three interesting outfits, this helped us to plan the rest of the week’s wardrobe without the drama that accompanies getting ready for school. Choosing music, and then showing off for each other created a lot of laughs! To top it off, take pictures  and share them with friends and family. Need some ideas? There are several videos on YouTube.

How have you kept your kids busy as the winter break has been extended? Share your ideas on our Facebook page and help us all stay sane in the heart of an arctic winter!

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