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Tip of the Week: Father’s Day


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Faithful, fun, leader, protector, these are just a few words our Family Table followers use to describe a father. As we have built up our Father’s Day contest, it was interesting to see how people describe a father. So, I decided to ask my husband what being a father has meant to him.

Now, we are still somewhat new parents. Our oldest is four years old, so we are well aware that we have a long road ahead of us. But, in the four years of being a father my husband says that being a father is one of the greatest privileges man can receive. To him, being a father means leading and guiding your children to make good decisions and building character.

Even though my husband likes to be the tough guy, he shows our children love and affection in the tough times. He said to me the other day that even though it can be stressful being a parent, the best payment for all of the stress comes in four words, “Daddy, I love you!” I look forward to honoring my husband this Father’s Day for the amazing father he is to our boys. I have a feeling I’ll be spending this weekend grilling and making his favorite dessert.

Need some gift ideas for dad? Try making him a gift from the heart. Also, it’s not too late to enter our Father’s Day contest and win the grill with accessories PLUS a $100 Meijer gift card! All you have to do is go to our Family Table Facebook page and post one word you would use to describe a father. Hurry! The winner will be announced Thursday, June 13th.

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Hannah Keith, Marketing Assistant, wife and mom of 2

Tip of the Week: Father’s Day Reflection

In Honor of Father’s Day, Guest Writer Steve Hathaway Shares His Views on the Family Table
“Supper’s on the table.” Sound familiar? At our house that meant someone had taken the time to think about what sounded good to eat. They then rummaged through the refrigerator, freezer or cupboard to find just the right fixings, and took the time to prepare a meal for the family.
Every night the same person does not prepare the meal. With six kids in the house, everyone learned to cook from a young age.
From grilled cheese to barbequed chicken on the grill, or even egg sandwiches, food is a very important part of our family social dynamic. We always have more soup in the pot than what is needed, just in case one of the kids brings someone home at meal time.  Food is important but at our house, no matter how extravagant or meager the meal may be, it is the time spent around the table that is important. We are able to catch up with each other; to take time away from hectic work, school and sports schedules to sit, relax and visit. Now, keep in mind, with eight of us around that table, the quiet one didn’t have a chance, so the volume just slowly increased in order that each of the kids had their say. I remember one of the girls had a friend who only had one brother. She wanted to be at our house especially at meal time just to observe the interaction and cacophony that took place among the kids.
This weekend, as we celebrate Father’s Day, our family table has grown. One of our six is married, two are out of the house on their own, one is studying in Indy, another just graduated high school, and the youngest will be a high school junior. We enjoy having all of them home about once a month with their spouses, fiancés, and significant others and the pandemonium and chaos continue with everyone participating.
Is the volume loud? You bet! Does everyone try to talk at the same time? Sure thing. Do the “newcomers” to the family just sit by and watch? No way! They join right in. I wouldn’t want it any other way. We’ve made many great memories around our kitchen table, and in September, we get to start training the next generation around our family table.

– Steve, husband to Linda and father of 6

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