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Tip of the Week: Fourth of July Celebration

Kids watching Fireworks

Recipe of the Week

For many the 4th of July means not just celebrating our country’s independence, but time at the lake with family and friends, backyard barbeques, and of course, fireworks. This holiday really has no age limit because there are so many different things to go outside and do. This past Saturday night the home behind ours was putting on quite the fireworks show and my son asked to leave his window blinds open to watch the show before he fell asleep. I decided to curl up next to him to watch the show too. Fireworks sure are beautiful to watch and since you only get to see them for a short time each year I didn’t mind letting him stay up a little bit later.

As you start to plan your holiday weekend fun, think of healthier safe ways to have fun, too. On the Family Table Pinterest page we found some healthy recipes, like a delicious red, white, and blue fruit skewer.  My son helped me look for a fun recipe, and we love fruit in our house, so it is perfect. Fruit skewers are simple and delicious and would be great to take to a backyard barbeque.

From all of us at the McMillen Center, enjoy this holiday weekend with your family and friends!

Bethany Clapper, Director of Development & Marketing and mother of two



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