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Tip of the Week: Join Team TAM


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I am sure you feel like me and are hoping that we have had the last snowflake for this winter and spring is right around the corner! This has been a long, hard winter and my family feels like we have been stuck inside for way too long.  We are ready to get outside and play, take walks through our neighborhood, ride bikes and scooters, and to enjoy local parks.

As soon as the weather warms up and the gray clouds move out, there are so many things to enjoy outside and around town. Find our Out and About Guide online for tips to get your family out and active! The guide will provide your family with information on where to find activities, paths, parks and splash pads in the city along with nutrition tips and so much more.  Bring the guide to your family table and have some fun planning your warm weather activities!

Another great way to use the guide is to plan your training route for this year’s Fort 4 Fitness.  Did you know the McMillen Center is a charity partner? We have formed TEAM TAM to gather racers and pledges to support the McMillen Center.  Follow this link, to sign up for Fort 4 Fitness and Team TAM today!

Happy spring!


Bethany Clapper, Director of Development

Tip of the Week: Fort4Fitness

Digging out sweaters for the kids has been a priority this week. We were just talking over dinner the other night how they seem to have grown out of everything.

After dinner, we’ve started the habit of looking for tomorrow night’s recipe together and as I was searching on Pinterest, I found this great recipe that uses chicken and veggies – and anything with cilantro gives it a kick that I just love!

Sweaters will probably be necessary if you are watching or running in this weekend’s big event – the 5th Annual Fort4Fitness Fall Festival. This event highlights local efforts to address healthy nutrition, physical activity, weight management, tobacco free lifestyles, and balancing stress.

The McMillen Center and Family Table will be among the other vendors that are participating in the 4YourHealth Festival.

Be sure to stop by our booth and pick up our newest Recipe Cards – with this cool weather, the Crockpot Salsa Chicken is a meal that offers variable dinner options.

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